We Need to Talk US

We Need to Talk US

We are the United States of America

We are still the USA, but we all know that there are forces working to destroy our unity.  These forces are enemies of our republic.  They are both internal and external.

  • Some know they are enemies, and some do not.
  • There is a difference between errors and lies.

These forces are working together to make us

A Nation Divided.

President Abraham Lincoln, in his famous "House Divided" speech said

A house divided against itself, cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided.

It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.

Lincoln was quoting Jesus Christ, who said

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. - Matthew 12:25

We Don't Have to Listen

It is our choice if we are going to let external and internal forces push us and pull us apart.  Being different simply means different.  It doesn't mean evil.

We can watch others yelling at each other and rioting, but we don't have to participate.

We can talk.

We Need to Talk US.

We need to talk about us.

We need to talk us is a nationwide community organization that exists to encourage people of the United States of America to have conversations, especially with those that hold differing viewpoints.

The community’s local groups assist in developing and maintaining the ground rules for conversations to try and ensure that they are wholesome and respectful.

The Goal is Understanding, NOT Agreement

The goal is not to achieve agreement, but understanding in the hopes that we can live in reasonable harmony with one another while we continue to disagree.

Douglas Edward Nevill, I

We Need to Talk US is my personal project.

My name is Doug.  I suppose I should identify myself more fully. 

  • If you decide to converse with me, knowing who I am, where I come from and what I believe could prove to be helpful to you.
  • People that disagree with me are welcome on this website and welcome in my life.

My full name is Douglas Edward Nevill, Sr. and I live in Port Angeles, WA.  I was born in Corsicana, Texas.

My humanity

  • I'm a man and I identify as a male. 😊
    • If I "identified" as something else, it would not change this biological FACT.
    • If you have "male equipment" you are a male, too, and vice versa.  Unless you completely disregard obvious biological science, you agree with me on this one.

My Race

I am a member of the human race.  So are you.  So is everyone that is at each other's throats right now.

  • There is only one race and it is human
  • Skin colors don't matter.  Languages don't matter.  Geography doesn't matter.
  • According to my eldest brother's thorough research, we are a common "mix" of French, English, German, Irish along with some Blackfoot and Cherokee.  Since all of these are human, I'm still human regardless of my genetic heritage.

My Personality

  • Call it unique, call it crazy, call it light, call it weirdly serious. 😊

My Country

  • I am grateful and consider myself blessed to have been born in the USA and am a citizen of this United States of America.
  • My country has borders and they MUST be protected.
  • My country has the following "member types" within it's borders at all times:
    • Citizens
    • Non-citizens
      • Guests
      • Intruders
      • Enemies
  • My country should be more concerned about me as a citizen than about any others that are NOT citizens.  It is just common sense.  You must take care of your own family first before worrying about taking care of neighbors or strangers.
  • My country is a sovereign state, our national pledge states it this way "One nation under God", thereby owning national sovereignty while acknowledging that the Creator is the ruler of ALL nations.

Other Countries

  • Other citizens of other countries should be as proud of their own nations as we are of our own.
  • In many ways, every country is a great country.
  • If we can afford it, we should help them if they need it and ask us for help.  They should pay us back, too.
  • If they are under attack and we are their allies, we are honor-bound to defend them, but it is ludicrous to expect us to maintain a "peace-keeping" force there.  We are NOT the world's police.

My philosophy

God created everything.  He is the absolute Sovereign, but He does not micro-manage human affairs.  Since He is Sovereign, He can do whatever He wants.

Because we were created by Him, we are accountable to Him and it just makes sense that try to please Him.

I owe a debt of love to every human being, but I am not responsible for how they live.

On Borders

Want to Visit My Home?

It probably won't happen unless you are my current family or friends.  Otherwise, your best chances for visiting my home is to know someone in my family or one of my friends.  You could have them introduce you.  We could talk and maybe you'd get invited to join us in our home for some fellowship.

If so, when you arrive, please knock, especially if you want to live.

I love you but if you break into my home I will do my best to disable you, and I won't be trying to simply injure you.  It will definitely be deadly force.  If I can successfully disable you and you live through it, good for you.

  • I won't enjoy it, but I'll still do it.
  • I won't feel guilty about it.

I have the right to own a gun and to defend myself and my family but I don't have the right to use it to abuse others. 

You can take my gun away from me, but I'll be dead when you do.

On Welcoming Non-citizens

As with any country you are:  

  • welcome as a legal visitor or a legal resident. (guest)
  • breaking our laws if you cross our borders without permission

Because our immigration policies and system is in bad need of repair, even if you are an illegal visitor or resident:

  • you are typically left alone
  • you can be quite happy here 
  • you should seek citizenship

Those persons that are NOT citizens and are in our country and break our laws:

  • should be punished according to our laws
  • or sent home (if sent home, get permission before returning)

How I identify myself politically ... 

  • I am NOT a republican.
  • I am NOT a democrat.
  • I am NOT a libertarian.
  • I am just a citizen.

How I decide for whom to vote ...

  • Is my business.
  • I am not indebted to any political party, not democrat, not libertarian and not republican.
  • How I vote is governed by my conscience and common sense, in other words, both the philosophical and pragmatic impact my decisions.

How am religiously affiliated ...

  • I believe the Jesus Christ is the Son of God
  • So I have Biblical convictions
  • I am a Christian, so I am bound to love all people

On Our Political Future as a Nation

It is my belief that we are largely a socialist society and largely a socialist economy.  I don't like it.  I'm a bog FAN of FREEDOM and don't like to be FORCED to do anything.

I don't like big government.  Our government is too big NOW and has been for a long time and continues to get BIGGER.  I see this as a threat to our nation's health.  Too many people are working in government and I don't think this is sustainable.

One of the things that President Trump has proclaimed is this:

"America will never become a socialist country." 

I think this is an error.  We already ARE socialist.  The question is will we keep going down that road to become more socialist (which I'm not in favor of) or whether we will turn away and reject more socialist ideals.

Think of that thing called "Social Security" which was long ago changed to "Welfare Tax".  It is a socialist program ...

I Will Accept the Results of Valid Elections

I have always honored the office of the president, regardless of who has filled the office, for my entire life.

I would be honored to meet any of our presidents and would address them as president and respect them because of the office that they hold regardless of whether or not I agreed with their policies or liked them as individuals.

Even though I am not in favor of the nation moving in the direction of MORE SOCIALISM, if that is where the majority of the country wants to go (demonstrated via legitimate elections), we are going there and I will join in peacefully.

If the communists (socialists) seek other means of controlling this country they will have a real fight on their hands.  I am also confident in my belief that my position here reflects the overwhelming majority of citizens.

I fear if they keep pushing like they have been ... they will soon start a fight.  I think that the conservatives are being pushed too much and they are going to "push back" if this does not stop.

On Peaceful Protests

They are fine and welcomed.

On Violent Protests (RIOTS)

Too often people are being called protesters when they are rioters.

People that attack others physically (battery) need to be arrested and charged for their crimes and should go to jail.  People that destroy other's property are criminals, too and should be dealt with as criminals.

On Policing

By and large in our country, if you are not a law breaker, you need not fear the police. 

Unfortunately, even if you ARE a law breaker and you are a socialist, you have no need to fear the police because they are not being allowed to do their jobs.

This must STOP.  Why are we tolerating violent criminals as a nation?  We are enabling anarchy.

Is my position the most correct position?

  • No.  I just think it is.
  • Like you think your's is right.  😊
  • My position on things sometimes changes ... politically ... 
    • First, I was a Democrat,
    • then I was a Republican,
    • then I was a Libertarian, 
    • and now I'm just an American.
  • ... and I'm completely OK with that.

Notably, I have friends and family in every "group" and I get along with all of them.

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