We are Voting for Trump and Here is Why

We have compiled a list of all of the serious reasons people say they are voting for Trump.  They are listed in order of their frequency given as reasons.  If you are voting for Trump and you have a serious reason why that is not in the list below, we will add it.

We believe we have faithfully captured and properly categorized the reasons we have been given in the list below.

  1. He is not a politician.  He's not owned by supporters.  He says what he believes and doesn't care about the fallout.
  2. He loves America.  He cares about me as an American.  He's not in it for himself, but for us.
  3. He is a pragmatic conservative.
  4. I agree with his platform.
  5. He is a man of courage.
  6. He defends the originalist interpretation of the US Constitution.
  7. He defends the second amendment.
  8. He is pro-life.
  9. He's a strong leader.
  10. He is not polished, but he is honest.  He is not trying to be politically correct.
  11. He is good for the economy.
  12. He is strong on defense.
  13. He loves and respects our military, the police and our veterans.
  14. He wants to stop corruption.
  15. He wants to defend our borders.
  16. He does NOT want war.
  17. He is smart.
  18. He is consistent in his beliefs.
  19. He is not a democrat.
  20. He stands by what he believes.  He doesn't really fit well with any party.  The republicans hate him, too.  The media and most politicians hate us, too.

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