The Escalations of Conflict are Leading us to a Bad Place

We need to talk because The Escalations of Conflict are Leading us to a Bad Place.

We are Divided in a Bad Way

Historically, there have been differences between the beliefs and policies put forward by conservatives and liberals, but they have maintained civility and friendship in spite of their disagreements.

This is largely due to agreement on truly core beliefs.

LOTS of People Now Believe a Civil War is Imminent

We hope not.  We need to talk.  We cannot ignore what is happening.  We need to talk and counter these things that are pushing us to war.  There are elements that want to destroy the USA as it is and they are both inside our nation and outside of our nation.

The power that they have is controlling what we hear and believe, in order to move us towards a desired course of action.

Our enemies WANT us to fight with each other.  Let's resist our enemies.

We are Being USED!

There are radical elements (from both sides) that are at work to drive us apart and destroy our unity.

Both sides means far-left and far-right.

Most of the Divisions are Fabrications

We simply do NOT hate each other (those of us that are NOT a part of the few political activists or politicians) they way we are being portrayed.

By and Large the peoples of America: cops are NOT ruthless killers, blacks and browns are NOT bad and whites are NOT racists.  Straight people don't hate gays, Christians do NOT hate Muslims and rich people don't hate poor people.

This is nuts!  We are going backwards as a nation (for believing the divisive and deceptive news) as a result of politicians and the media pulling our strings.

This is OUR Country and we are ALL AMERICANS

We need to speak up and REJECT the voices that are trying to put words in our mouths, saying that we believe things that we don't believe and have goals that we do not have.

Emotions are Running at Feverish Levels

The people that are holding the microphones and capturing the media's attention are INTENT on whipping up the emotions of people on both sides of any argument.

We are the Majority

We are the majority, the VAST majority and we have the power to force change (by voting) and we must do this.

We need to talk.  We need to talk with each other.  We need to try and see both sides.  We need to understand one another.

The Republic is in Danger

We can come together and find common ground that will ensure our nation's peace and prosperity.

We MUST NOT allow ourselves to be maneuvered. 



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